ALL piercings at Northern are done with a 316L Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring or Barbell. They are mirror finished Implant Grade 316L Surgical Steel.  This Multi Utility Jewelry can be worn almost everywhere.  

For some who would like a jewellery upgrade, Implant Grade (Ti6AL4V ELI) Titanium is feather light and highly corrosion resistant.
Titanium is one of preferred material for primary piercings since it is virtually Nickel Free. (PRICES OF PIERCING WILL CHANGE IF DONE WITH TITANIUM))


Body Plastic or Retainers are made of Bio-Flex which is a bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic plastic. Bio-Flex plastic piercing retainers are flexible, light and very adjustable for easy fitting; because of the material’s transparency, wearers can easily hide piercing holes. People typically utilize this material where piercings are restricted such as school or work, and for situations like X-ray exams, during pregnancies and while playing sports.( PRICE WITH CHANGE WITH BIO- PLASTIC)

Our jewellery is all sterilized in shop and open in-front of you at time of piercing.



You must be 16 years of age.  

We DO NOT pierce babes ears

Ears Lobes 

(1st/2ed hole) $40 both $60 

(studs or hoops)

Tragus Conch Snug Daith and Rook  $60

Industrial $80

Helix/ Forward Helix (3 hole and up)

1/$50  2/$90   3/$130

 Nose  $50 

Septum $60

Eyebrow $55

Lip/ Labret  $60 hoop   $70 post

Monroe/ Medusa   $70 gem

Vert Labret   $70 gem

Snake Bites /Spider Bites  $120

Nipple $65  2/$110(must be 18)

Navel  $60 plain   $70 gem

**All prices include jewellery and aftercare** Price change if upgrade in jewellery is wanted.



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